Creating Your Value Proposition Canvas

A value proposition canvas is a visual representation of how your company’s product or service intersects with your customer’s desires and expectations. If done right, it illustrates the fit between what you are offering and why people buy it. It’s simple, straightforward and intuitive design make the value proposition canvas a uniquely quick, functional and analytical way to strengthen your product strategy and your overall business.

During this workshop we will deep dive into creating a unique value proposition for your start-up or small business and have a deeper understanding of aligning your value proposition with your user’s behaviour, needs and fears.

Walk out of this workshop with:

– Well defined customer profile for your start-up/ small business
– Map customers pains and gains
– Complete a value proposition canvas for your start-up/small business

*You will be provided with an A3 size value proposition canvas.

This event is proudly supported by Venture Melton.