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Free Business Networking Breakfast

StartNorth is inviting local businesses to come together for our monthly networking event, to help promote your business, products and services. Enjoy a coffee, some food and chat with other companies from various backgrounds. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn from others and grow your business network. Places are limited, so be sure to register your interest today, and most importantly, don’t forget your business cards!
12 Aug '20 — 16 Jun '21 07:30 am StartNorth StartNorth

Digital Harvest

Digital Harvest is a training program to support farmers and producers to develop and enhance e-commerce skills and implement an effective e-commerce strategy as part of ongoing operations. Digital Harvest is part of a $1.5m E-Commerce and New Marketplace Transition Package announced by the Victorian Government, as part of an Agricultural Workforce Plan. This plan aims to support agriculturists to transition to new markets and new ways of doing business. Delivered fully online and at no cost to participants, the program will support a wide range of agricultural sectors, including farming, cropping, broadacre, farmgate, community growers and distributors, etc. Over the twelve weeks, you’ll receive insights from experts in agribusiness development, sales, retail, eCommerce and digital marketing, gain access to toolkits how new digital tools can help you attract customers and grow into the future.
28 Jan '21 — 29 Apr '21 12:00 pm Zoom La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Agriculture Victoria

How to start your own business

Are you thinking about starting a business or have started a business and don't know what next? Have you got an idea or an existing business opportunity you want to explore? But you don’t know what to do next. This masterclass will run for 1.5 hours every Tuesday for 4-weeks, to help you explore all the key issues regarding Legal, Accounting, Marketing and Operations. Designed to support everyday people to build and grow your own start-up or small business. Prepare to get your bright idea off the ground, step by step. Starting from Wednesday 17 February, access $420 worth of business support for just $99. You will be able to understand more about your new business idea and how to avoid common pitfalls before you start.
17 Feb '21 — 10 Mar '21 06:30 pm Zoom Western BACE

Pause Fest 2021

World’s leading festival for business and creativity. Pause Fest is an independent, industry-driven movement with a mission to bring diverse intelligence together to fuel the next generation forward. Our innovation focus is about people, mindset and culture - for a good purpose. We’ve been described as 'Innovation Capital', 'Octoberfest for business' and 'Woodstock for digital natives’. In 2020, we welcomed over 9,000 attendees and 10,000 online live viewers with over 80 media outlets from across the world. In fact, over the course of ten years, our event has seen 80,000 movers, shakers and creative change-makers come through its doors. In 2021, we’re self claiming ‘MTV for innovation’ title and we can’t wait for you to experience the next level of online event experience built on UX. Less FOMO, more INSPO.
28 Feb '21 — 11 Mar '21 09:00 am Online Pause Fest

Open Evening: Discover Le Wagon's Coding Bootcamp

Join the most acclaimed Bootcamp in the world! Learn coding in 9-weeks or 24-weeks, on campus or remotely 🚀 Come to our Open Evening & ask all your questions! Learn more about our courses, our learning interface, the job outcomes for our alumni...
02 Mar '21 06:30 pm Zoom Le Wagon

Startup Success Series: Getting Investor Ready

So you're ready for your first injection of external capital? Great! There is a huge amount of differing advice on what investors are looking for, what you need to do to get yourself investor-ready and how you should go about looking for investment - it can all feel very overwhelming. On top of this, you need to be ready to answer difficult questions and convince investors that you and your startup are a great investment opportunity not to be missed. So for this week's Startup Success Series, we'll be joined by expert investors to go through everything you need to know to get your startup investor-ready. Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • Making sure an investor is the right choice for injecting capital into your startup
  • What's the difference between angel/VC/family office (and which is right for you)?
  • How to approach investors (tips, etiquette, etc.)?
  • How to calculate the amount you need to raise?
  • What do investors expect founders to have in place?
  • How much equity can you expect to allocate to an investor on your first raise?
  • What to expect in your first conversation?
  • What are the common pitfalls that founders fall into?
05 Mar '21 1pm Online Startup Victoria