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Australian Technologies Competition

Founded in 2011, the Australian Technologies Competition is a national competition and late stage accelerator sponsored by the Australian and State governments, industry growth centres and industry. It identifies homegrown technology SMEs and ‘scaleups’ with significant global potential and accelerates their growth through capability building, domestic and international connections and awards recognition. In 2020, the Australian Technologies Competition marks its 10th Anniversary. The Competition includes three stages of judging, an intensive international growth accelerator, one to one mentoring, partner connect events with domestic and international investors and market partners and national awards for both industry sectors and Australian Technology Company of the Year. Each element of this year's event will be conducted online/virtually due to COVID-19. Doors open 2 April 2020. Enter online starting 2/4/2020.
02 Apr '20 — 22 Oct '20 08:00 am ONLINE Impact Technology Ventures

FREE FRIDAYS at General Assembly

At General Assembly we've been thinking a lot about the current and future state of career development and the skills that will build resiliency. Despite this age of uncertainty, we believe that learning has no limits. Whether you’re looking for a new job, keen to get the jump on a new business pivot or wanting to diversify your skill set to become more employable, our community of experts is still here for you, online. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Free Fridays. Every week from April through June, join peers from around the world to experience our most popular workshops (ranging from $60 to $200 USD in value) — 100% free. From coding, to data and marketing, to UX design and career development, explore the tech skills that will keep you in demand and in the know. Keep an eye on this blog post here - - we’ll be updating links and making pages live for the Asia/Pac region over coming weeks as sessions are released.
17 Apr '20 — 26 Jun '20 11:00 am General Assembly Online General Assembly

Cashflow & Investment Opportunities

In this interview with High Performance Coach Rugare Gomo, Daniel Tai of Ax3 Partners shares the cash flow and investment opportunities that are open at this time, from government grants and incentives to the best shares to invest in! He shares how you can get out of the 'how to survive' mindset, and instead focus on how your business can grow.
08 May '20 — 30 May '20 09:00 am Rugare Gomo - High Performance Coaching

Legal and Business Development QnA

Are you curious about what business structures are available to your startup? Has your revenue growth stagnated, and you’re wondering how to boost sales in a post-COVID world? If you have questions about contracts, equity arrangements, scaling your business, or anything else relating to the legal and business development aspect of your startup, then come along to Allied Legal’s Live Streamed Startup Advice! Starting Monday 25 May, Allied Legal will be hosting a fortnightly digital conference to answer all your startup questions.
25 May '20 — 24 Aug '20 11:00 am Online Allied Legal

Founder Connect

Startup Victoria's Founder Connect program is a series of weekly online networking sessions designed to maximise your minutes by helping you forge valuable connections with your peers from the startup community - all before 9am! This edition of Founder Connect will be taking place as a Zoom video call. We've designed Founder Connect to allow you to make meaningful connections with others from the Startup Victoria community. Our structured sessions allow you to create more connections, which means an increased likelihood of finding those all-important meaningful connections. Whether you're an angel investor, an experienced entrepreneur or are at beginning of your founder journey, this event will position you best to build your network, one breakfast at a time.

What’s in it for you?

Get Fresh Ideas

When you network you meet new people with fresh ideas that may help you or your company grow. Get various perspectives on challenges, experiences and goals.

Co-Founder/Investor opportunities

Open doors to opportunities for business, career advancement, personal growth, or simply new knowledge. Impress the right people and you may leave this breakfast with a possible investor!

Career Advice

Meet and get advice from founders that have faced the same challenges as you. A wide network of informed, interconnected contacts means broader access to new and valuable information.

Build Confidence

Use this opportunity to practice networking. Think about how many chances you have to network, but simply just didn’t know how. Networking is a necessity when it comes to business. Get better and better at networking with every person you meet!

Get An Answer To Every Question

The benefit of a strong network is unbelievably powerful. Imagine never saying the words “I don’t know” again. Once you've built a decently sized network of intelligent founders, you will have an answer to virtually any question that comes your way.


8:00 - 8:05 am Log on to the call for a quick briefing 8:05 - 8.55 am Rounds of speed networking BYOB (bring your own breakfast!) 9am Event close As this is an online event, please be reminded of the following: - Please try to reduce your background noise as much as possible- headphones are a great option. - This is an interactive event and so anyone who joins more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted. - You will be muted upon entry to the meeting. Please use the chatbox to ask any questions in the briefing. You'll be able to unmute yourself when the rounds of networking begin. - This is a confidential networking session and so recording is not allowed. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ All attendees to Startup Victoria's event must comply to our Startup Victoria Events Code of Conduct.
04 Jun '20 8:00am Zoom Startup Victoria

Startup Summit

Jump into the world of startups and find out how to set your new venture (and yourself) up for success. The Startup Summit provides early-stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with fundamental knowledge to set you up for success. Learn about your investment and funding options, self-management strategies, how to recruit great talent for your business, and how to work out where your product fits in the market. Sessions include: 10am to 10.10am - Welcome address Navigating the startup ecosystem can be challenging for first time founders. In her welcome address, Startup Victoria CEO Judy Anderson will provide clarity on the key pillars of the startup community and some tips for where to find support for your startup. Speaker: Judy Anderson, CEO at Startup Victoria 10.10am to 11am Decoding product-market fit This session will cover the fundamentals of product-market fit and what it really means for your business. The aim is to provide founders with the tools and frameworks required to systematically measure and obtain it. Speakers: Maxine Lee, COO at Skalata Ventures and Dan Sleeman, Head of Product and Education at RMIT Activator 11.05am to midday - Investment 101 Have you ever wondered what makes a startup investable? What investors are truly looking for? What do good terms look like? Join industry experts, LUNA and a startup investor for all the answers in this 101 on startup capital raising. You can expect to walk away from this talk with an understanding of types of common startup funding rounds, cap tables and dilution. Speaker: Ronen Heine, Founder & CEO at Luna Startup Studio Midday to 1pm - Summit Connect Forge valuable connections with your Startup Summit peers! Join us over lunch for Summit Connect, a structured speed networking event. Summit Connect allows you to make meaningful connections with others Summit attendees. Join us and get fresh ideas, feedback on your startup idea or maybe even find a co-founder. Speaker: Poppy Trewhella, Director of Programs and Partnerships at Startup Victoria 1pm to 2pm - Building a successful startup team When launching or building a successful startup, one of your most important assets will be your team. This session will answer important questions around the different methods of hiring, the roles you need to prioritise, how to assess talent (and yourself!), and how to look at remuneration structures to attract the best possible humans to go on the ride with you. Speaker: Matt Smith, Managing Partner at MitchelLake Group 2.05pm to 2.15pm - Pause Point, powered Join A–SPACE founder Manoj Dias for a mindful moment of calm. We'll explore some breathing techniques that will help us recenter our day. Speaker: Manoj Dias, Founder & CEO at A - Space Brought to the Startup Summit in partnership with TheCommons. 2.15pm to 3.05pm - Self-management and founder wellbeing Success doesn't come without its challenges. Burnout and mental health issues are increasing side-effects in the startup space. In this fireside chat, Alex will share his personal journey co-founding one of Australia's fastest-growing startups, discussing mental health, energy management and how to change the tide on a culture of overwork and burnout. Speakers: Alex Zaccaria, Co-Founder & CEO at Linktree and Jane Martino, Co-Founder of Smiling Mind 3.05pm to 3.15pm - Closing address To close the Startup Summit, Judy Anderson, CEO of Startup Victoria will provide guidance for how to engage in the startup community beyond the Summit. We will also share instructions for how to access support resources from each of the sessions delivered in the Startup Summit. Speaker: Judy Anderson, CEO at Startup Victoria This is a free event, but registration is essential via the ticket link. All attendees will be emailed Zoom details to join these Startup Summit sessions in the lead up to this event. Closed captioning is not currently scheduled for this event. Please get in touch with the team at if you require closed captioning. This event is part of a series of free digital events hosted by Knowledge Melbourne to connect the community with some of Melbourne’s best thinkers and doers to drive conversations, explore questions, discover big ideas and imagine our future together. Running online from May to July, visit the or the full program > All events are free, with registration required as some events have limited capacity. Sign up to the Knowledge Melbourne newsletter for event updates and behind-the-scenes insights >
10 Jun '20 10:00 am Zoom Startup Victoria & City of Melbourne