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Startupbootcamp Sport & EventTech 2020 Virtual Demo Day

The COVID pandemic has had devastating impacts on the sports and events industries however the industry is strong and will comeback.  Fans will be back in stadiums. And innovation will be at the forefront of this recovery. Join us live on Aug 20th at 3.30pm AEST, as we stage "The Comeback" where our 10 global startups will be showcasing how their innovative technologies are ensuring the longevity of the great sports and events we have all been missing.

We will be streaming pitches from our Sports & EventTech 2020 cohort. There will be keynote speeches from industry leaders, announcements from our major sporting body partners, and exclusive access to the startups post event - where you can ask questions, discuss opportunities and connect.

Attendees will include VIPs from across government, business, the sporting and event industries, the press and the Australian and international startup communities. Register via the link:
20 Aug '20 03:30 pm Virtual event - Hosted on Zoom Startupbootcamp Australia

[WEBINAR] Women Coding Express ⚡️

💸 Get a $800 scholarship for joining our bootcamp after attending the Women Coding Express! 💸 Learn some fundamental programming skills and concepts, and create your own page! The only thing you need? Your computer and your headphones!
22 Aug '20 10:00 am Zoom Le Wagon

Data Science Bootcamp - Open Evening

Data is the new gold 🚀 Le Wagon offers immersive 9-week Data Science Bootcamps providing professionals from all backgrounds with the skills and tools needed to kick-start their tech career, join a data science team, or launch their own startup 💪 Curious about our Bootcamp? Join our Open Evening!
24 Aug '20 06:30 pm Zoom Le Wagon

Open Evening: Discover Le Wagon's bootcamp

Stuck in an industry you don't like? Change your life, learn to code 🚀 Whether to become a full-stack developer or launch your own project, learning to code is a good way to get started 💪
31 Aug '20 06:30 pm Zoom Le Wagon

Start your business now program: Getting started the right way

Workshop 2 of the Start your business now program. About this Event Workshop 2: Getting started the right way You know your idea, but how do you start your business? Learn about what you should do first to develop your business out of an idea. Assess marketing, financial and legal strategies and discover the tips, tricks and hacks to attract customers. In this workshop you will learn: • What should you do first – Plan, research or get help? • Insight into the Financial and Legal side of developing a business • Skills to identify your target market • How to connect with your target market • Marketing tips, tricks and hacks to attract and retain customers • Building an effective online presence • Up to date trends for content creation & social media strategies
02 Sep '20 10:00 am ONLINE Hume City Council