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Lunch Chats: Women in STEM Entrepreneurship

Join Dr Melina Georgousakis, Founder of Franklin Women, and Makenzie Thomas, Programs and Community Coordinator at MedTech Actuator, to explore the opportunities for women in STEM entrepreneurship and the lasting impact female-identifying and diverse individuals have on the entire healthcare ecosystem. At the MedTech Actuator, we’re for founders. And this means really understanding the diversity of experiences of entrepreneurs from all corners of the system, and from multiple backgrounds and contexts. And more than this, the MedTech Actuator is excited to create more opportunities for women and diverse entrepreneurs and players across the entire healthcare innovation ecosystem. Anyone interested in learning more about STEM entrepreneurship, MedTech, BioTech and HealthTech startups and Australia's healthcare innovation ecosystem is welcome to join this conversation.
18 May '22 12:00 pm Zoom Medtech Actuator, Franklin Women

Morning with Women in Health Entrepreneurship

Join MedTech Actuator and partners for a morning exploring what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the healthcare ecosystem. This event is designed to speak to the hurdles and challenges often faced by female-identifying and diverse individuals in healthcare.
02 Jun '22 09:00 am To be confirmed Medtech Actuator