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Legal and Business Development QnA

Are you curious about what business structures are available to your startup? Has your revenue growth stagnated, and you’re wondering how to boost sales in a post-COVID world? If you have questions about contracts, equity arrangements, scaling your business, or anything else relating to the legal and business development aspect of your startup, then come along to Allied Legal’s Live Streamed Startup Advice! Starting Monday 25 May, Allied Legal will be hosting a fortnightly digital conference to answer all your startup questions.
25 May '20 — 24 Aug '20 11:00 am Online Allied Legal

Spark Festival 2020

Spark Festival is Australia's largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Since 2016 we’ve celebrated entrepreneurship everywhere, bringing people and organisations of the startup world together to imagine and create new, exciting, valuable, and successful ventures. Spark is an independent, grassroots festival whose mission is to drive prosperity for all Australians via the growth of thriving new economy businesses. Spark Festival 2020 will be delivered and experienced entirely online with a two week program running from October 12 to 23.
12 Oct '20 — 23 Oct '20 07:00 am Online Spark Festival