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Startup Success Series: Building a Brilliant Advisory Board

Having an excellent advisory board for your startup is incredibly important for helping you scale quickly and effectively. Knowing who to bring in isn't always easy though - chances are, you haven't built your own board before. How do you know you're bringing in the right minds with the right perspectives & experience to help you and your business grow? A lot of care needs to be applied when building a board. You need the right mix of talent and personalities, as well as a trust in them that you'll get a good return on investment for your appointments. Above all else, you need to about how you will go to your board for advice on both your own growth as an entrepreneur and the growth of your startup. That's why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we'll be speaking with expert advisors and founders who've been on and worked with startup advisory boards during their careers. They'll offer advice and insight from their own lived experiences in building & participating in advisory boards for startups that you can take with you and apply to your own business. Specifically, we'll cover:
  • Where to find people to join your advisory board.
  • Picking the right people and how to know how much value someone can bring.
  • The different roles you should have on your board.
  • How involved your board should be in your startup.
  • Plus more!
04 Dec '20 1pm Startup Victoria

Breakfast at Noon: Conversations on Innovation and Change

Tuesday 8 December, 12pm Emma Reid - Global Marketing Manager, CISCO Networking Academy Emma has over 20 years’ experience working in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For the past 9 years, she has worked in Cisco’s Social Innovation Group as the Regional Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific & Japan. Emma develops new programs above and beyond the Cisco® Networking Academy® (NetAcad) ( their flagship CSR program. Over the past couple of years, Emma built a Cybersecurity Series for Asia Pacific as there wasn’t a global offering available at the time. The program attracted 80,000 students worldwide. Emma has developed a career readiness program. 80,000 students have engaged to-date with 75% saying it helped identify their future career path. She created virtual career fairs using Cisco technology for top tier partners to connect with soon-to-be graduates. The program is now offered globally. To tackle the leaky pipeline of Women in technology, Emma produ
08 Dec '20 12:00 pm Zoom La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship