Duct Tape Issue Two Coming Soon

When things go wrong, duct tape can hold just about anything together. And when you’re starting and growing a business, a lot of things can go wrong.

Duct Tape is coming back in a slick new audio format! A collaboration between Startup Victoria and Victoria University, Issue One took the form of a printed magazine. Now it’s time for Issue Two and we’re leaning even deeper into the storytelling with a podcast mini-series exploring how founders tackle unexpected problems. We call them ‘duct tape moments’ – those make-or-break situations where a founder must think quick and act quicker to keep the show on the road. And the truth is, every founder has them.

These tales of things gone wrong are usually told with the luxury of distance and success, from now-legendary CEOs reflecting on their naivety of 20 years ago with rose-coloured glasses. But we’re not interested in an airbrushed, revisionist history. We want the real stuff! So over 10 episodes, you’ll hear blatantly open and honest conversations about unpredicted challenges, eye-opening mistakes, and the ingenious ways founders got things back on track.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur, a fledgling founder, or a future founder-to-be, we’re here to let you know you’re not alone – mistakes are part of the process and no business or founder is perfect. Duct Tape is a show about taking pride in scrappiness and embracing vulnerability because even the brightest in the biz sometimes need a little bit of duct tape.

Duct Tape Issue Two, the podcast mini-series, launches Tuesday 5th October and will be available on all your favourite podcast players.

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We’ll take you behind the scenes of producing the show, share some of our favourite moments, and speak to some of the Featured Founders 👇

Duct Tape is a collaboration between Startup Victoria and Victoria University.
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