Disruptive Accelerator Providing Technology Support to Australian Start-Ups

On 3 February 2021 uSpark announced the launch of Destination Start-Up, a partner program that offers Australian start-ups the opportunity to fast track their products to market. The acceleration process involves uSpark serving in the role of technology development partner, closing the gap between a founder’s vision for their product, and their ability to launch and scale it. uSpark gives start-ups access to the right technical skills at the right time. This is of particular benefit to those who need technical resources and have difficulty attracting backers due to the generally risk averse early-stage investment environment in Australia.

uSpark was set up by Unico Computer Systems – a successful Australian IT services company that has been in business over 30 years. Participants in Destination Start-Up will have access to Unico’s deep IT expertise and connections.

uSpark will stand with start-ups as a true development partner from experimentation to market entry. Start-ups can enter Destination Start-Up through a variety of gates depending on the maturity of their product.

  • Gate 1: Experimentation
    You have: An Idea
    Together, we will: Establish a product business case
    uSpark will: Provide up to $20,000 of services to create a product business case
  • Gate 2: Validation
    You have: A product business case
    Together, we will: Develop a technically proficient minimum viable product (MVP) and test it with early-adopter customers
    uSpark will: Provide up to $200,000 of services to build the MVP
  • Gate 3: Acceleration
    You have: A tested MVP
    Together, we will: Develop a market-ready product and launch to customers
    uSpark will: Provide up to $2,000,000 of services to commercialise a product and supporting capabilities

Unlike other accelerators, uSpark does not intend to deliver educational programs to participants – its focus will be on collaborating to develop robust products and bring them to market. uSpark offers a solid team, along with helpful industry friends and government contacts to position and guide new businesses through the confusing innovation landscape.

In November 2020, uSpark received an Expert-in-Residence grant from the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources under the Incubator Support Initiative. The grant enabled uSpark to fund the placement of Dr. Marcus Powe, an established consultant with deep local and global experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, as its Expert-in-Residence. In this role, Dr. Powe will mentor start-ups in the Destination Start-Up Partner Program during 2021. Dr. Powe previously worked as an advisor and mentor to several accelerator programs, including those associated with the City of Melbourne, Latrobe University, RMIT University and the Wade Institute.

“Unico is committed to supporting Australian start-ups which is one of the reasons we set up uSpark,” said John Rowland, Managing Director of Unico. “Although Unico is a successful IT services company that has been in business over 30 years, we began as a start-up and know just how hard that can be. We want to enable Australian start-ups to become technically mature a lot faster than they usually can on their own. We want to help bridge the resourcing divide between a start-up’s technical capabilities and the quality of their ideas. This is a win-win for the start-ups we partner with as well as for us – I believe that sharing ideas and resources is the best way to encourage new business. Start-ups will benefit from our deep technical knowledge and we will benefit from their innovative spirit.”

For more information or to make an application go to https://www.uspark.com.au/

Or email Pamela Wilson from uSpark to get an invite to join one of uSpark’s Information Webinars: pamela.wilson@unico.com.au