Revolver Lane

Set in the imposing Revolver building (built in 1914) Revolver Lane is a beautifully weird reimagining of former music shops, band rehearsal rooms, recording studios and photography studios into 25 private offices, a boutique co-working area, espresso bar, art galley and event spaces – spread across two interconnected buildings, spanning more than 2,000m² and stretched over 94m between Chapel and Macquarie Streets, Prahran. Melbourne’s most famous nightclub Revolver Upstairs (and it’s delicious Thai restaurant) are right on top!

We have designed Revolver Lane to let you Work Weird®. Why? Because by working weird, we work harder, more efficiently, more creatively and with double the laughs. But it’s not just us. It’s been proven that when you’re building a business, designing a product or starting something new – status quo is an innovation killer. And weirdness? Well, it gives birth to all sorts of genius.