COVID -19 Economic Stimulus Chat-Bot Calculator: Payroo Australia Resource

Payroo Australia is a Melbourne based start-up providing low-cost, STP compliant, ATO approved payroll solution for all Australian businesses including start-ups and micro/small businesses.
We understand the importance of cash flow boost for businesses in Australia and are feeling the responsibility to ensure businesses stay active and up to date with their payroll through STP for ATO to make a note of accurate salaries and wages paid including tax withheld to deliver right payments to employers.
We built a chat-bot for businesses to estimate their cash flow boost as per COVID -19 Economic Stimulus Package. It’s a super intuitive and easy-to-use resource!
We are also looking to provide further support to start-ups and micro/small businesses in Victoria in relation to their payroll questions and concerns which can also include extended free trial for 3 months for COVID-19 impacted businesses to submit their payroll to the ATO through Payroo if they need it. We’ve always been forever free for charities and non-profits so that still applies!
We are a small business too and we understand the importance of having all this ready – we will be happy to help in any way possible!
Hope we all bounce back soon! Looking forward to hearing from you soon – just email us on for more details.