Chasing a Blue Ocean: the Melbourne startup changing team collaboration forever

Those with a keen interest in marketing theory might have heard of the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy‘. The concept is straightforward: avoid competing in a hotly contested market by opening up a new market. In other words, do something different, generate new demand and render the competition irrelevant.

For a startup, it is the ideal scenario. A ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy represents significant untapped potential; a market overlooked by the competition, ripe for the taking. The strategy is indicative of the sort of entrepreneurial spirit we associate with the world’s most successful companies.

A paperback edition of Blue Ocean Strategy, authored by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim, sits in the offices of 7-YM, a software development startup operating out of West Melbourne. For their CEO, Julie Snagg, and Technical Project Manager, Julian Skruzny, it serves as the guiding principle of their latest project: project management software designed to disrupt the way teams collaborate.

They call it Eoiin Connect, derived from the Gaelic term meaning ‘infinite’, and it’s already turning heads. Both the project and Skruzny are finalists in AIPM’s Project Management Achievement Awards.

With development still ongoing, subscribers are already taking up the web app. Project management software that connects your team over the internet has been essential in a year dominated by remote work.

But what makes Eoiin Connect stand out? In a saturated market, where the review aggregate site Capterra lists over 700 products, how does this Australian-developed software endeavour to differentiate themselves? What is their ‘Blue Ocean’?

Unlike the competition, Eoiin Connect is built to be a complete end-to-end project management tool. Whereas the alternatives usually involve juggling a variety of apps, Eoiin’s included modules seek to provide the tool teams need all in one central location.

This allows for superior smart reporting functionality than its predecessors. With everything in one place, reports are far more comprehensive and are automatically generated in real-time, ready to review and share at a moment’s notice. At any level, from an individual project to a program of work, or even the whole organisation, a pre-constructed dashboard presents a snapshot view of all relevant information.

All of this is wrapped in an interface designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. For Eoiin Connect it is about simplicity and sophistication, giving teams everything they need without compromise.

There is more on the roadmap, but they are reluctant to divulge the full extent of their plans until the time comes.

It is the brainchild of the company’s Founder and Director, Anthony Scoleri, a project manager himself. With decades of industry experience, he shares many of the frustrations with the existing product offerings as his peers. Taking it upon himself to assemble a local Australian team to do something about it, feedback from other project managers plays into its ongoing design and development. They are always on the lookout for new partnerships, getting users trialling the software and providing feedback directly with the design team, seeking to eliminate frustrations once and for all.

It is an ambitious pursuit, but one 7-YM are convinced is worthwhile. As a proudly-Australian startup, they are keen to enable like-minded organisations with world-class software solutions that drastically improve the way we work.

Doing so means sailing towards a ‘Blue Ocean’. Untethering themselves from the tried and tested formula competitors have stuck to, Eoiin Connect promises just that. Challenging themselves to do more and do it better, with a few other tricks up their sleeve, the waters look clear.