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Are you an experienced founder who wants to give back to the startup community?

Maybe you have an area of expertise where you can provide advice.

It could be legal, fundraising, how to create product/market fit or something entirely different.

Whatever it is, founders would love to connect with you and tap into that expertise.

At Startup Victoria we believe in ‘sending the lift down’ to help create the next wave of successful entrepreneurs.

All you need to do is start with a coffee.

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What we expect from our Mentors and Mentees

At Startup Victoria we want to foster great mentor-mentee relationships that add value to both parties.

This program is designed to help connect mentors with founders for a one-off session. From there, it’s up to you to cultivate that relationship to take full advantage.

Here’s what we expect from both parties.


Show genuine interest in your founder

The first step to becoming an outstanding mentor starts with engaging with your mentee in an authentic way.

Make the effort to really understand their business and what drives them as a founder.

Ask questions to understand their vision, what challenges they may be facing and what opportunities they can capitalise on.

Act with integrity

Ensure all commercially sensitive information is kept confidential and have no hidden agendas.

Our sole focus is to help founders gain invaluable access to experienced mentors.

Be honest with feedback

A key role of a mentor is to provide constructive feedback.

Don’t be afraid to provide areas of improvement as this is what helps founders develop.

Share your failures and your successes

Be honest about your experiences and the mistakes you’ve made. This is invaluable to founders.


Prepare before your meeting.

It’s important to value your mentor’s time. Prepare specific topics that you want to discuss.

Check out your mentor’s LinkedIn and get a feel for their experience.

This will allow you to tap into their areas of expertise and get the most out of the session.

Be-open minded and willing to learn

Listen to your mentor’s advice with an open mind and take their feedback on board.

Your mentor has the expertise, so it’s important to first listen and then decide upon implementing their feedback in your business.