Airwallex is now offering a new benefit for the Startup Victoria community.

Life as a startup founder can be hard. You have dreams of going global with your awesome idea but can never find enough time in the day to get everything done. You’re running on shoe-string budgets where every dollar counts. And to top it off, the institutions, such as banks that you rely on to enable your growth are often slow, old-fashioned and uninterested in your potential. This is where our friends at Airwallex come in. 

Many of you have heard of Airwallex as the Aussie fintech unicorn but we’re betting most of you won’t know exactly what they do or how they might help your startup. Simply put, Airwallex is a technology-led cross-border payments platform that allows businesses to send, receive and convert money quickly, easily and cheaply. Their global accounts enable you to send and receive international payments in foreign currencies as if they were a local payment, using the local clearing system. International payments through Airwallex are up to 90% cheaper than the banks and the full amount is always received because they don’t take hidden fees out along the way.

Startups nowadays have global ambitions from the get-go but are soon rudely awakened to the inefficiencies of doing business internationally when they try to open a bank account in another country. This process can often take months, require company directors to be physically present in the branch or is impossible altogether. However, as soon as they open up a free Airwallex account, they have the ability to collect payments locally in international currencies like EUR, GBP and USD. Not only does this allow startups to truly operate globally from day one but it gives founders their valuable time back so that they can focus on growing their business.

As a startup themselves, Airwallex knows these issues first-hand. So for a limited time, Airwallex is offering startups one month completely free. If you sign up now, you can also go on the waiting list for their new Airwallex virtual cards. You can issue these zero-fee multi-currency cards to team members in seconds and they can be used for payments with Airwallex’s low FX rates.

We’re incredibly proud of this Melbourne-born unicorn and we hope everyone in the Australian startup community will give them a try.