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Steve Grace

Building & Managing Teams, Company Culture, Hiring, Startup Operations
Founder & CEO @ The Nudge Group
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Steve Grace is the Founder and CEO of The Nudge Group, a start-up and scale-up recruitment agency designed to help accelerated growth businesses grow around the globe. An entrepreneur at heart, who has successfully built and sold two profitable businesses in the past, Steve launched The Nudge Group in 2019 out of a passion to work with start-ups and scale-ups and help them grow into unicorns.

An added value to The Nudge Group’s services is the focus on storytelling. This is why Steve has also launched the Give It A Nudge video podcast show, where he interviews start-up & scale-up founders & CEOs about their story. He is also the CEO and Publisher of work-life balance publication, Balance the Grind, which profiles people from all the world about how they’re balancing the grind.