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Rita Choueiri

Biotechnology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Mining & Resources, Technology
R&D related government grants, R&D Tax Incentive Compliance
Director Partner of R&D Incentives @ William Buck
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Rita is an experienced, accomplished and highly regarded R&D specialist. She joined William Buck in 2016 after working for 11 years in the R&D team at PwC. Leading the R&D incentives team at William Buck, Rita has assisted STEM companies with every aspect of the R&D incentives claim process, including 100% success with navigating regulator reviews (including software R&D).

A highly accredited scientist, Rita has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) with a double major in chemistry and a Doctorate in chemistry (inorganic) from Monash University, Clayton. She is a Fulbright Scholar and spent one year of her PhD researching rare earth chemistry at the University of California, Irvine (USA).

Rita’s academic achievements are coupled with her hands-on experience as a scientist at BHP-Billiton’s Technology Centre, equipping her with the expertise to apply scientific principles to identify eligible R&D activities and assist companies better articulate their R&D activities in accordance with the R&D law.