ACASE and The City of Melbourne Join Together to Present NexStar 2020: Covid-19 Asia Readiness Online Sprint

ACASE have partnered with the City of Melbourne for an exclusive Covid-19 Asia Readiness Sprint, scheduled to commence on 15th May, 2020.

NexStar Online is an ambitious project that brings together graduate and post-graduate international students with start-ups and scale-ups looking to expand globally. NexStar is a uniquely collaborative experience where participating startups benefit from the students’ localised and cultural expertise.

The Nexstar Asia Readiness Sprint is a fantastic opportunity for start-ups already looking to scale into the Asian marketplace, as well as start-ups who are looking to expand their business more broadly. Over five exciting days, students are divided into teams to assist different startup founders with in depth market research and help assess a start-up’s market potential in Asia, one of the most profitable marketplaces in the world. The student’s findings are then presented on the final day of the sprint in the form of a go-to-market analysis, which the startups can use to either raise additional money, or implement themselves into their core business strategy.

Start-up founders who participate in the sprint will need only to complete a short interview with NexStar’s Chief Mentor Cameron Rambert about their business and what they hope to learn from the students’ findings. They will then be able to hear the student’s presentations on the final day of the sprint.

For the start-ups who participate, it’s like having your own consulting team on the ground in Asia!

Applications for the NexStar Covid-19 Asia Readiness Sprint are now open. Don’t miss out on this exciting and unique opportunity to gain the knowledge of a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students wanting to help you grow your business.

Start-up founders can visit to submit their application, or email for more information.