Our Mission

Startups are hard, and they require resilience and determination. If they were easy, everyone would be starting one. Since there aren't that many of us crazy enough to take on this huge challenge, we need to band together.

Startup Victoria is all about helping you find the other people around you who are fighting the good fight as well. It's a place to celebrate your wins, commiserate over struggles and push each other further along the path to success.

We all need a support team to help us keep going when times are tough, and startup founders are no different. Startup Victoria is the place to find resources to guide you and people to inspire you on your Startup journey.

Become a volunteer

Startup Victoria is a volunteer-driven organisation. We threw together this video to give you a feel for the vibe. We encourage you to volunteer - get in touch !

Our Board of directors

Leni mayo

Leni Mayo

Leni is a software engineer, angel investor and chairman of Startup Victoria.

Michelle bourke

Michelle Bourke

Michelle is the director of Artlivemedia and co-director of The Talent Door.

Scott handsaker

Scott Handsaker

Scott is the CEO of Attendly and Eventarc and a mentor at AngelCube.

Sarah hamilton

Sarah Hamilton

Sarah is co-founder and CEO of bellabox.

Our Management

Georgia beattie

Georgia Beattie

Chief Executive Officer

Jay lynch

Jay Lynch

Chief Technology Officer

Mei chan

Mei Chan

Community and Events Manager