About Us

Startup Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to create more founders, better founders. We’re a community of over 15,000, working together to foster a thriving Victorian startup ecosystem.

We work in collaboration with entrepreneurs, industry, community and educational institutions to help accelerate the growth of Victoria’s startup ecosystem.

Our Mission

Building a startup is hard. It requires resilience and determination. If they were easy, everyone would be starting one. Since there aren’t that many of us crazy enough to take on this huge challenge, we need to band together.

Startup Victoria is all about helping you find the other people around you who are fighting the good fight as well.

It’s a place to celebrate your wins, commiserate over struggles and push each other further along the path to success. We all need a support team to help us keep going when times are tough, and startup founders are no different.

Startup Victoria is the place to find resources to guide you and people to inspire you on your startup journey.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where Victoria is home to a world-class startup ecosystem. Melbourne can be one of the world’s best cities to build a startup.

We want to help make that a reality by helping to accelerate the growth of Victoria’s startup ecosystem.

Industry Partners

Our Board of Directors

Scott Handsaker

Scott’s a serial founder who’s been helping to drive Melbourne’s startup ecosystem for many years. Since 2008 he’s been Cofounder and CEO for Eventarc and Attendly, as well as cofounding Startup Victoria, the biggest founder-focused non-profit in the country. He also spent five years as a mentor and member of the investment committee for Angelcube, Melbourne’s first venture accelerator.

Peter Cameron

Peter has more than 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the tech industry. He is the CEO of Avalanche Technology Group and a Venture Partner at the Giant Leap Fund, Australia’s first VC fund dedicated to investing into “impact businesses”. He is an active angel investor and startup advisor with over 15 investments in early-stage businesses and venture funds. Pete previously founded, owned and was CEO of the APAC business for AVG Technologies, which he exited in 2012.

Morgan Ranieri

Morgan is currently the co-founder and CEO of YourGrocer and was previously a co-founder at Thankyou Water (now Thankyou Group). He has received a lot of value from the Startup Vic ecosystem, having met his co-founder at a pitch night. Morgan is extremely passionate about helping existing founders become better founders.

Gus Balbontin

Born and bred in Wild Patagonia, Gus never allowed his small town and humble beginnings to get in the way of his big dreams. A healthy disrespect for authority and severe case FOMO (fear of missing out) landed him in Australia at the young age of 17. By the age of 22, he had dropped out of uni, hitchhiked South America, set up his first business and landed his dream job at Lonely Planet. Fast forward a few years and he was leading the company globally working with companies such as Google X, Nokia, and Amazon on the latest technology, creative cultures, and high performing teams. Seeking a change from corporate life, he hung up his boots as Executive Director and CTO of Lonely Planet and decided to move back to his entrepreneurial roots, becoming an investor, founder and mentor across the start-up ecosystem in Melbourne. He loves sharing a story, and he loves even more knowing those stories make a difference to people and help in their own business and life.

Nic Hodges

Nic works at the intersection of technology, creativity, and culture. He has led digital and innovation for some of Australia’s leading creative and media agencies and media companies, and currently runs Blonde3 – a boutique consultancy advising startups and media companies on strategic growth. Nic previously founded Robot Deputy, a media technology startup.

Our Team

Judy Anderson

Judy is Startup Victoria’s CEO. Judy spent the last 4 years growing Australia’s leading innovation firm, Inventium, and prior to that managed the National Innovation Program for Deloitte Australia. Having spent her whole life creating more innovators and better innovators, Judy now spends her time creating more founders and better founders, engaging deeply with Victoria’s startup community and leading the organisation’s new strategic direction to support founders throughout the state.

Alex Orr

Alex moved to Melbourne from the UK in March 2018 after graduating with a Master’s degree in January. Upon arrival, he began interning for Startup Victoria in events, marketing, and PR, and in May became Events and Marketing Coordinator. In March 2019, Alex left Melbourne to travel the world, whilst continuing with a new role at Startup Victoria as Community Engagement and Content Manager. Alex manages Startup Vic’s social media, website content and writes the weekly newsletter remotely. Prior to working for Startup Victoria, Alex worked in the music industry in the UK and Europe, specialising in live music and festival production, which he still does in his spare time!

Olivia Kennedy

Olivia is a senior at Clemson University in South Carolina. She will be graduating in August of 2019. Olivia is an intern with Startup Vic as their events and community coordinator, planning and executing their events. Olivia is planning on staying in Melbourne after her time with the Intern Group expires to finish out her visa working and traveling. Olivia has worked with multiple camps helping run events and as a counselor and hopes to continue planning events in the future.

Jared Jones

Jared is a Utah native, but moved across America to study Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston. He will be graduating Summer 2020. In the office, Jared interns as the Digital Content and Community Coordinator, managing the website and helping with events. Outside of the office, Jared is a fan of reading, art, nature, and board games.

Our Home

Creative Cubes.Co in Richmond is the proud home of Startup Victoria.

It is a collaborative co-working community and the home of many small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Creative Cubes.Co prides itself on its culture and world-class facility, designed to helps it’s community thrive.