1receipt; A Novel Digital Platform As An Environmentally Friendly Substitute For Paper Receipts

What is 1receipt®?

1receipt® is a novel platform for substituting paper receipts and issuing, storing, retrieving and managing digital receipts through smartphone app. Using 1receipt platform, shoppers can easily and safely receive their digital shopping receipts by scanning an exclusive barcode on their phone at checkout point.

The most important thing: unlike other existing digital receipts, shoppers do not need to reveal any personal information (email, phone number, …) to the retailers.

This platform solves multiple issues facing society these days:

  • Million dollars for issuing paper receipts (for example: $350M annual cost of paper receipts only for ten major retailers in Australia). Papers which go to bin ultimately.
  • Over 8,500,000 trees cut every year only for producing paper receipts.
  • It’s hard for the retailer to convert regular shoppers to loyal members at the point of sale.
  • Personal data sharing risk on Email / SMS receipts.
  • Serious health issue by touching paper receipts – which has been proved that can cause cancer in human body – confirmed by US researchers.

Recently we have started implementing 1receipt in IGA stores in Melbourne and are working with several well-known POS providers in Australia to integrate 1receipt into their POS.


Fun fact: our solution will stop dumping at least 3,300,000 kg/year paper wastage in Australia.

Visit www.1receipt.io to learn more!